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TAG Heuer S.A. is a Swiss luxury watchmaker that designs, manufactures and markets watches and fashion accessories, as well as eyewear and mobile phones manufactured under license by other companies and carrying the TAG Heuer brand name.

A disappointed customer shares her experience on productreview.com.au, "I bought my husband a TAG Heuer aquaracer for its supposed longevity and water sports ability. ALL false advertising. Back at jewellers for at least the 7th time! Crown gone, water leaks. Broken band."


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"At first it seemed like a great place to work. After about a week being there I knew it was not. The "AM" would talk negative about every employee in the store and then turn around and kiss up to them. He is very two-sided and if best a below average manager that some how got promoted but doesn't know how to manage one store, let along two. If you like to be micro-managed this is the place for you. The manager likes to look over your shoulder at all times to see what you're doing and then runs straight to his "mommy" the "DOS" to report back to her. He only has his best intentions in mind not the employees that come and go. Since the manager has been there he has yet to keep anyone he's hired there longer than a year. The previous manager hired a great staff before he was forced out. The "AM" is bad for the business and so is the "DOS." Both have non-luxury backgrounds and can't manage if their lives depended on it. Don't let the LVMH ownership fool you, TAG is not a luxury brand at all. The training process is a quick process and not to mention the manager thinks he's a good trainer but if you show that you're smarter than him or know more than him he won't train you like you should be on the product. A lot of backstabbing and favoritism to help the manager look good. Also, the "DOS" could use a little help as well. Very controlling and thinks she knows everything. She too is two faced and if threatened will find a way to terminate you. She can't manage a brand or employees at all and should've stuck to being an Assistant Manager at her former employer. All the positiveNoneMicromanage and micromanage some more. Place is so unorganized."

Coordenador de TI (Former Employee) says

"Empresa pequena, contato direto com diretores e presidente. A marca Swatch foi absorvida pela distribuidora que nos deu a oportunidade de dar continuidade com a marcada swatch, infelizmente fracassou em menos de 1 ano a nova distribuidora devolveu a marca, desligando todos os funcionários que aceitaram o desafio de sair da matriz para a um distribuidora. Infelizmente não deu certo.NenhumDesgaste emocional"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I guess I have nothing good to say about this job as it is my worst job in my entire life. You are hired as a sales associate but they also have you work as a janitor as you have to sweep and mop the floors each and every night you work, which of course they don't tell you at the time of hiring. They keep an eye on you every single second and even count your restroom visits. Favoritism is a part of the management job so much so bad that I was told not to use the microwave for heating my food, but it was ok for everyone else to use including him, the manager. I ate cold food and the lunch break we get, we have to look at the cameras and if there is a customer outside, we have to leave eating and go help the customer, which happens a lots of time every time we lunch. The manager is consistently on your nerves asking you to do this and that and this that, every single day. The schedule is rotating which means you can not have a regular life as someday you work 2 days and then have your days off and some days you work 10 days in a row, and that's on top of lots of time you close at 1am and come back the next morning at 9.30 am again. Nobody cares about the employees and everyone is fighting all the time. Manager is busy breaking own rules and doing partiality to employees. My advice: DO NOT work there. Your life will be miserable. That's the reason for such a high turnover as no one stays there longer than few months.NoneWorst management, no undisrupted lunch breaks, very stressful, favoritism"

Collaboratrice logistique (temporaire) says

"Préparation des commandes reçues clients Autonomie Ambiance agréable Bonne communication avec le responsableRestaurant, horaire libreIl y en a pas"

Assistant Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Their communications is one of the biggest challenge. They don't support work life ballanceGive consignment WatchCommunication is a challenge"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"Working for a prestigious brand like Tag Heuer was a very big plus point.nothing to add hereExtremely long hours"

Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Good brand. No work-life balance, Considering very low pay comparing the competitors. The commission is close to nothing. Only one great thing is the people who work there."

KEY HOLDER (Former Employee) says

"Typical sales job. Expectations include clientele, meeting sales goals, inventory product daily, and general house keeping. Hardest part is getting the product your clients ask for."

Gestionnaire stock SAV (Former Employee) says

"Très souple, cordiales, environnement sympa, travail en groupe, relations avec d'autres personnes et départements dans l'entreprise."

Full time Key holder (Current Employee) says

"Great environment, Great team Great company, awesome incentives But aren't often done only on special occasions. pay is ok, but could be better, especially when performance is there, we should be rewarded or at least noticed for hard work.Team Selling, Team work!Pay, no raises"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Working as part of a management team to plan and develop procedures for successful running of flagship boutique for a luxury watch brand. Ensuring company procedures are adhered to throughout. Maximising sales whilst maintaining profitability and stock management; it is my responsibly to be aware of monthly targets and work with the team to achieve them. Training a team of 7, monitoring performance and individual development. Ensuring high standards throughout the store – including merchandising and customer service excellence. Managing customer relations to maximize sales and client experience. Organising in store events and ensuring individuals are contacted accordingly for new launches and marketing events.Marketing ExposureLong hours spent on feet"

Senior Consultant (equivalent to Sr. Manager) says

"Great place to work, but few recognition. In addition, management can be more supportive and provide more feedback when requesting for more information. Although hours are flexible, management can be better."

George McCall says

"Since I was young I wanted a T.H. watch but had to wait until 05/2005 to buy my first - a KIrium which gained 1 hour the first time I wore it. It settled down but I can't keep it going in batteries - it eats them. 2nd purchase in 12/07 was a TIger Woods Golf Professional only to discover I had bought a Go Prof - sent back to TH to get rebuilt with proper face. 3rd purchase 11/15 was a Link Calibre 5 automatic. Worked ok for a couple of years until the hand wind gearing failed. Local TH dealer stated it would need to be sent back to TH where they would overhaul and repair at a cost of £250 plus parts. 4th and last purchase 09/18 was a Carrera Calibre 5 automatic day/date. I have the day set to U.K. days but it reverts to whatever foreign day is also on the day wheel. Date sticks between todays and tomorrows date, Today is Thursday 20th but my watch displays Jeu 19/20.I think it fair to say I am both disappointed and disillusioned with the build quality and reliability of TH watches and my next purchase WILL NOT be a T.H."

Dave Cunningham says

"Support the Premier League which I am very disappointed with. Watches are way overpriced and look rubbish"

Liam Gallagher says

"Can't have any ethics or code of conduct as they sponsor the corrupt Premier League and aren't bothered about how the fans are treated."

Daron says

"Can’t beat a swatch watch, least they don’t condone corruption"

Rhys Stephenson says

"They sponsor a corrupt organisation known as the Premier League Who take bribes from other organisations while breaking a NDA"

Gary Moore says

"Sell watches on the beach Corrupt by association with premier league , Premier league most corrupt organisation in uk & Tag Heur is a sponsor shame on you BUY CASIO"

Sazdaz says

"Sadly support the Premier League and therefore is linked to corruption. Watches are over priced."

Dale says

"Supports the Premier League and therefore associated with Qatar and corruption which has biased against the north of England. Timing says imminent and shortly when actually it’s over 18 weeks behind and late"

Dean Florence says

"Supporters of corruption. And their watches are s h i t e"

George Oliver says

"Avoid like the plague. Shame on you. Supporting the corrupt English Premier League."

Chris says

"Can I leave 0 stars. Tag are cheap Rolex. They also have dubious connections with corrupt business."

Masters of corruption says

"Would not trust the watches sold from a company who are happy to sponsor corrupt organisations like the English Premier League."

Kipper McFish says

"Avoid avoid avoid at all costs. I will never buy again. They support the English Premier League. The Premier League (and by association their sponsors) refuse to respond to the people of the North East, supporters of Newcastle United as why they refuse to approve the Takeover of the club, thus depriving the region of vital investment and creation of jobs. Shame on you."

NUFC says

"Times up!!! Don't trust Tag Heuer, they in bed with the CORRUPT English Premier League. Trust Sports Direct instead, same quality of watches,,, sh!t, at a tenth of the price"

Mark Crowther says

"Corruption, corruption, Corruption"

g m says

"Would never purchase from them due to their close commercial links to the corrupt English Premier League."

Colin Ken Obi says

"Corrupt links. Anyone who is associated with the premier league is as corrupt as them."

Michael Miller says

"If it looks like corruption, smells like corruption, tastes like corruption....chances are it’s corruption. Shame on you the English Premier League."

Andrew Hollund says

"Terrible, for a company to be associated with premier league corruption"

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